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Poolers [12-01] Champions - New York Rangers (mrichard33)

Posted Sun Dec 18, 2011 - 04:28 PM

Congratulations to the Poolers [12-01] League Champions, the New York Rangers, who finished the inaugural NHL '12 season by defeating the Presidents Trophy winners, the Philadelphia Flyers, 4 games to 2 in the finals. Lead by GM/Coach mrichard33, the Rangers completed the regular season with a fantastic record of 11-3-0 which was only 1 point behind the league leading Flyers but were number one in goals scored (51) and goals differentials (+19). The Rangers discarded the Boston Bruins in their semi-finals 4 games to 2 while the Flyers won their birth into the finals in dramatic fashion coming back from a 3 games to 2 deficit to beat the Buffalo Sabres in overtime in the 7th and deciding game.

Unfortunately, for the city of New York, the Rangers and mrichard33 could not come to an agreement on a contract extension and therefore went their separate ways just minutes after he lead the Rangers to victory. This was good news however, for the Nashville Predators, who jumped on this opportunity and signed mrichard33 for an undisclosed amount of money. Along with New York, other casualties within the league were Montreal, Washington and Los Angeles who all have lost their teams for the upcoming [12-02] season due to a vacant GM/Coach position. New teams coming into the league along with the Predators are the Chicago Blackhawks (Medic5884), Pittsburgh Penguins (Goup22), Detroit Red Wings (Ju_Raf), Edmonton Oilers (Johnny), San Jose Sharks (Acadien) and a last team which the city of choice has yet to be determined. The Flyers, Bruins, Sabres and Canucks all welcome the newly joined teams into the league however will most likely not show any type of mercy to the swapping GM/Coaches nor the new and returning ones.

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